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Phantasy Star Series Let The Winds Blow: Phantasy Star Online Episode III C.A.R.D. Revolution OST
Label Publisher Code
Wave Master Ent. Sega WWCE-31010~1
Discs Time Bar Code
2 CD CD1 61:14 | CD2 59:37 4-571164-380100
Origin Release MSRP
Japan 12.10.2003 ¥3,150
Let The Winds Blow: PSOe3 CR OST is an album featuring music from Sega's PSO Episode III game, which has strategy card battle gameplay for Gamecube. It features 2 CDs and a total of 38 tracks, including some classic PSO themes.
Review by Shinobi | 11.16.2015
     > In some ways this Let The Winds Blow soundtrack picks up right where the PSO Episode II soundtrack left off.  This continuity helps greatly in the enjoyment of the game and its music.  This is the Sega gamers sorely miss these days.  Anyway, there's plenty of orchestral delights with the futuristic flare we've come to expect from Phantasy Star Online games.  Just listening to the soundtrack while doing this review makes me want to fire up the old Gamecube for a few rounds of Episode III.

     > Disc 1 features tunes exclusive to the "Hunters" (good guys) path of card collection, while disc 2 has the "Arkz" (dark side) music.  I especially like the PSOeIII Theme song, "Let The Winds Blow", with its commanding rhythm and wonderful voice track.  In all actuality, the only reason I can't give this soundtrack a "10" is that it's slightly less impressive compared to the original PSO soundtrack.

Bottom Line:
     > The PSO Episode III soundtrack fits in nicely with Episodes I & II.  No doubt, Sega nailed the music in this series.  You can't go wrong with 2 CDs and over 2 hours of exceptional RPG music.  Fans of PSO that don't like card games should buy this too.  Now, we need the Sega of this period to come back and do justice to current consoles!

Overall: 9/10

Track List (CD1) :: Hunters | 61:14
  1. Into The Sound ~Logo~
  2. Let The Winds Blow ~PSO Episode 3 Theme~
  3. Gate ~File Select~
  4. Morgue ~Part 1
  5. Code ~Deck~
  6. Special Relaxies
  7. Hi, Guys!
  8. Mortis Fons
  9. Unguis Lapis
  10. Nebula Montana ~Part 1
  11. Tener Sinus
  12. Lupus Silva ~Part 1
  13. Dolor Odor
  14. Ravum Aedes Sacra
  15. New Lifes ~Result~
  16. Scenario : Sorrow
  17. Scenario : Dreadlock
  18. Scenario : Courage
  19. Scenario : Peace
  20. Can Still See the Light ~PSO Ending Theme~
Track List (CD2) :: Arkz | 59:37
  1. Let The Winds Blow ~Remix Version for OPENING~
  2. Tune ~Option~
  3. Advices ~Tutorial~
  4. Morgue ~Part 2
  5. Tower of "Caelum"
  6. Molae Venti
  7. Cyber
  8. Nebula Montana ~Part 2
  9. Lupus Silva ~Part 2
  10. Via Tubus
  11. Ride On
  12. Scenario : Great
  13. Scenario : Smile
  14. Scenario : Ease
  15. Scenario : Navigation
  16. "IDOLA" The Strange Fruits
  17. World With Me ~PSO Episode II ENDING THEME~
  18. The Whole New World ~PSO Opening Theme~
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