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Phantasy Star Series For Brighter Day: Phantasy Star Universe OST
Label Publisher Code
SEGA Wave Master Ent. WM-0507~9
Discs Time Bar Code
3 CD Disc 1(69:53)
Disc 2(71:18)
Disc 3(69:15)
Origin Release MSRP
Japan 10.12.2006 ¥3,800
     > For Brighter Day: Phantasy Star Universe Original Soundtrack is a complete album of the Phantasy Star Universe experience.  Originally, this album was sold through Sega Direct in Japan only, but I've managed to get my hands on this 3-CD album nonetheless.  I don't remember what I paid for it, but it was definitely at least $50.
Review by Shinobi | 11.12.2015
     > As you probably know, I'm a huge fan of everything Phantasy Star.  In 2006 when PSU was released for Xbox 360, I was onboard for what turned out to be a fantastic 5 year ride of action/RPG enjoyment.  Of course, if you're going to spend thousands of hours playing a game, it better have a worthy soundtrack (or the option to mute/replace it).  No problem.  Sega/Wave Master have come through with a diverse collection of mood setting, mostly orchestral delights.  There's a little bit of "hip" music in there too (which I can surely live without), but the entire 3-CD collection is sufficient to overwhelm any negativity.  I will always enjoy this album's 3+ hours of musical greatness.

Bottom Line:
     > For Brighter Day is the ultimate collection of Phantasy Star Universe music. You get all 69 songs from the game. Although I prefer the Phantasy Star Online soundtrack, this one has grown on me, especially after thousands of hours online. I finally acquired this rare album a few years ago, and I'll be enjoying the orchestral delights this OST has to offer for years to come!  Sorry it took so long for the review, but with the PSO 15th Anniversary quickly approaching I thought it was perfect timing.

Overall: 9

Track List (CD1) :: Parum Side | 69:53
  1. Save This World ~Orchestra Version~
  2. Parum
  3. Guardians
  4. The First Story
  5. Endrum Collective
  6. Obel Dallgun
  7. Holtes City ~Parum~
  8. Clyez City ~Guardians Colony~
  9. New Year
  10. Carnival
  11. RELICS
  12. Ancient Civilization
  13. Raffon Meadow
  14. Rozenom Line Milate 04
  15. Abandoned City, Mellvore
  16. Contamination ~Fire~
  17. Lunga
  18. Z.C. Enemy : 1
  19. Mistery
  20. Growl, From The Wild Sky
  21. The Last Story
  22. With You
Track List (CD2) :: Neudaiz Side | 71:18
  1. Save This World
  2. Neudaiz
  3. Mirei
  4. Ohtoku City ~Neudaiz~
  5. Making Character
  6. Marriage
  7. Sadness
  8. Mizuraki C.D.
  9. Ukishima
  10. Hakura Temple
  11. Tension
  12. RELICS ~Sleep~
  13. Contamination ~Dark~
  14. Clyez Linear Line
  15. Floader
  16. S.E.E.D
  17. Valentine
  18. Halloween
  19. Violent
  20. Madness the Machine Sparx
  21. Resolution
  22. The Hunt ~The End of Planets~
  23. Epilogue 1
  24. For Brighter Day
Track List (CD3) :: Moatoob Side | 69:15
  1. Save This World ~Orchestra Short Ver.~
  2. Moatoob
  3. Alfort Tylor
  4. Dagora City ~Moatoob~
  5. My Room
  6. Cherry Blossom
  7. Galenigare Mine
  8. Kugu Desert
  9. Uneasiness
  10. RELICS ~Awakening~
  11. Contamination ~Ice~
  12. Striker
  13. Z.C. Enemy : 2
  14. Comedy
  15. Christmas
  16. Brave Fight
  17. Fly Up Ivy
  18. S.E.E.D ~Hive~
  19. The Vibe ~The End of Planets~
  20. Epilogue 2
  21. Overture
  22. For Brighter Day ~Remix~
  23. For Brigher Day ~Orchestra Version~
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