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Play Japanese Import Games
Get a Japanese Sega Saturn.
Do a country mod on your American Sega Saturn, which adds a toggle switch to fool the system into thinking it's a Japanese system.  This allows you to switch back and forth between countries.
Get a conversion cartridge.  All of these are described in detail at the Sega Saturn Cartridge page.  Insert the conversion cartridge (i.e. ST-Key or Pro Action Replay) and an import game into the system, then turn the system on and you're good to go.  Refer to the RAM Compatibility page for more information.

Insert a game (e.g. X-Men vs. SF).  Use any conversion cartridge (e.g. ST-Key) to boot the system, wait for the first game screen to appear (usually a logo), then quickly remove the conversion cartridge and insert the appropriate RAM cartridge (e.g. Sega made 4MB RAM cart).
Note: it is possible to damage your Sega Saturn while using this method.
If you have the older Action Replay Plus 4MB RAM and wish to play Vampire Savior, then do one of the following:
  1. Use the first Advanced Import Method to play it.
  2. Perform the 4 MB RAM Modification to the cartridge (two solders and one cut), which makes it compatible with Vampire Savior.
  3. Get the newer version of the cartridge which has the appropriate modification built-in.  Refer to the Vampire Savior Compatibility page for more information.

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