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Shin Force ~ Shining Force ~
Shining Force III ~S1~ > Chapter 1: Nightmare in the Floating City of Saraband
Chapter 1 Index | 12.18.2000


>> Republican District
- Synbios (Soldier) begins the game in a conference.
- After the meeting, Dantares (Knight) joins the Force.
- When you attempt to leave the Republican headquarters, Masqurin gives you a Cut Flower.  Next, Grace (Priest) and Masqurin (Magician) join the Force.

>> Central District
- Search the Central District for treasure.
- Save in the Church with the Priest (if you want).

>> Imperial District
- Head to the Imperial district and meet Medion (Soldier).
- Return to the Central District for Battle 1.

BATTLE 1: Saraband Central District | Index

- The Mask Monks will attempt to surround any member of your force they can.
-! Initially, move your force forward slowly and stay out of the enemy's range of movement.
- Also, use the closest building as a shield to keep from getting surrounded.
- Kill the Mask Monk (boss) to win the battle.

>> Republican District
- Head to the Republican District and you'll run into what seems to be King Benetram, who is escorting King Domaric under guard.
- Enter the Republican headquarters and talk to the real King Benetram.  He'll join you in order to head towards Aspinia.
- Enter the Force's headquarters, which is down the staircase adjacent to the Republican headquarters, and deposit the Cut Flower.

>> Central District
- Now is a good time to save at the Church.
- Go to the Saraband Pier for Battle 2.

BATTLE 2: Saraband Pier | Index

-! Immediately head for Hayward (Archer) and Garosh (Archer), so that you can keep them from getting killed.
- If you talk to Hayward (Archer), he'll join the Force now.  Otherwise, he'll join after the battle.
- If you save Garosh (Archer), then he joins Medion in Scenario 2.  Otherwise, Jade (Tank Gunner) will join Medion in Scenario 2.
-! Make sure to break all the barrels so that you can access all areas of the dock after this battle.
- Kill the Mask Monk (boss) to win the battle.
** Alternate Strategy **
- Keep Hayward (Archer) and Garosh (Archer) from getting killed.
- Break all the barrels and kill all the enemies, except for the Mask Monk (boss).  This way, you can gain some more experience.
- Have Synbios cast a Return spell to exit this battle.
- Save the game in the Saraband Church.
- Restart Battle 2 with more experience, and probably higher character levels!

>> Saraband Pier
-! If you cleared all the barrels, you'll gain access to a chest containing an Iron Bracer.

>> Central District
- Enter the Central District and buy items (if needed).
- Now is a good time to save at the Church.
- Leave Saraband via the Pier for Battle 3.

BATTLE 3: Road to Balsamo | Index

- Defeat the forward placed Sara Knights, Mask Monks, Bats, and Mask Monk (boss) first.
-! Use the 30% terrain effect to your advantage.
- Finish off the remaining Sara Knights and Defense Commander (boss).

- Make your way to the Inn and go upstairs.  Talk to the people in the center room and they'll eventually kick you out.
- Go outside, then go back to the second floor of the Inn and search.
- Make sure to get the Power Wine from the chest.
-! At the end of the hallway, walk through the wall and make your way around to a hidden room.  Untie Barnard (Archer) and he'll be available in Scenario 2.
- Make sure to get the Brain Food, which is outside, in the wall between two houses.
- Make sure to get the Large Mithril, which is in the back wall to the left of the Chruch.
-! Go to the house with the crow's nest on top and talk to the guy up there.  Obright (Warrior) joins the Force.
- Do some item and weapon shopping.
-! Go to Duncan's house (with a fenced in yard), talk to him, and get the Hill Ruins Map in the chest.
- Now is a good time to save at the Church.
- Go to Duncan's house, exit through the side door, and jump in the well for Battle 4.

BATTLE 4: Dwarf's Valley | Index

- Take care of the Sniper to the right first.  Don't wait around too long because the Worm and Scaven will keep regenerating.
- Stay to the right side of the center path to avoid being attacked by the other Sniper.
-! Make sure to get the Steel Bracer from the chest.
- There is no boss, just finish off the Scaven guarding the passage.

BATTLE 5: Dwarf Hill | Index

- Try to get Grace up to level 4 ASAP because she'll be able to cast Antidote, which cures poison/paralysis.
- Fight the Worm and Scaven ahead first.
- Work your way over to the Hill Ruins.
- Assuming you got the Hill Ruins Map in Balsamo Town, enter the ruins with three Force members, while the rest fight off the remaining enemies outside.
-! Don't kill the Thief Commander (boss) before you get the treasure from the ruins.
** Hill Ruins **
- Send the weakest member to get the Healing Drop from the chest on the right.
-! Use the other two members to cut off the Thief before he can escape out the right side door.  Steal the Life Ring from the Thief by attacking him once (without killing him).

~ Shinobi ~

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