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Shin Force ~ Shining Force ~
Shining Force III ~S1~ > Chapter 2: Cross-Continental Railway
Chapter 2 Index | 12.20.2000


>> In Town
- Go to the bar (near the front entrance to town) and you can meet Julian (Soldier) for the first time.
- Make sure to upgrade your weapons and restock items by visiting the appropriate shops.
-! Make sure to get the Blue Ruin Map, which is located in the building to the left of the Church.
- Get a Large Mithril in the house next to the front entrance to town.
-! Make sure to get the Happy Cookie inside the Train Station.
- After you're done checking out the Train Station, go back to HQ.  As you exit, you'll see Imperial Border Guards come through.
- Talk to King Benetram at HQ and deposit excess items.
- Now is a good time to Save in the Church.
- Head for the Railroad Warehouse via the path to the left of the Train Station.
- Get the Large Mithril in one of the boxes between the tracks.
- Enter the baggage check warehouse for Battle 6.

BATTLE 6: Railroad Warehouse | Index

- Send Synbios, Dantares, Obright, and Masqurin in the whole in the box to the right.
- Send Grace in the whole in the box to the left.
- Send Hayward to the right, then hook around the boxes to the left.  Move Hayward very cautiously.
-! While inside the boxes, get all members (except for Grace) out the whole closest to Irene (Monk) ASAP.
-! You should try to keep Irene from getting killed.  Talk to her and she'll join the Force.
- Grace should exit through the other whole, which leads to the top of the boxes.  Get the Healing Rain from the barrel up there.
- No boss here, just kill them all.

>> In Town
- Purchase items as needed, deposit excess items at HQ, and save the game at Church.
-! Make sure Grace has the Power Ankh (a special weapon you should have purchased).  This allows her to cast the Tornado spell, which works well against Bird Men.
- Leave town through the front entrance for Battle 7.

BATTLE 7: Escape From Railhead | Index

- Julian (Soldier) joins the Force.
- Advance your level 5+ characters over the closest bridge first.  Be careful, the Destonian Soldiers can do a lot of damage to Synbios and Julian.
- Fight your way over to the Blue Ruins.
** Blue Ruins **
-! Make sure Synbios opens the door to the ruins, and everyone else is close enough to enter.
- Leave Hayward, Grace, Synbios, and another member outside to deal with the Bird Men, while the rest of the Force goes in after the treasure.
-! Steal the Goddess Tears and Protect Ring from the Thieves before they can escape.
- The Battalion Leader (Soldier) is the boss.

BATTLE 8: Rescue the Refugees | Index

- Medion (Soldier) shows up and helps you by taking on Varlant's (General) forces.
- Save the game on the battlefield before you do anything.
- Other than surviving, your main objective is to save all the refugees.
- Send Grace, Irene and Hayward to deal with the closest Sniper and Destonian Soldiers.
-! Either Synbios or Julian has to get across the first railroad track (closest) within 3 turns.
-! Dantares has to get across the first railroad track, and to the Track Switch within 3 turns.
- You should be able to get 3-4 members over the track by the 4th turn.
- Lure the Snipers and Destonian Soldier away from the Refugees by placing your force within striking range.
-! Move the Refugees over the tracks and towards Synbios ASAP.
- Get the Gail Ring from a stone between the second and third track.
- Get the Large Mithril from the stone close to the MP Commander.
- The MP Commander (Soldier) is the boss.
- Cybel (Knight) joins the Force after this battle.


>> Train Cars
-! Go to the car with the passengers and get the Armor Milk from the chest.
- Buy weapons and items as needed.
- Go to the car with the Priest and save.  Also, get the Chicken Feed from the barrel on top of the boxes.
-! If you want Pen (Penguin) to join you later, then you have to entice a chicken to follow you to the HQ car.  To do that, just offer them some Chicken Feed.  Keep doing that until one follows you.  Try a chicken sitting on a box.
- Go back to the HQ car and talk to Grace and Masqurin to trigger Battle 9.

BATTLE 9: The HQ Car | Index

- Fight the smaller group of enemies first.
- Try to build Cybel up because she's not too strong yet.
- Break the barrels for hidden items.
- Kill the rest in any order, as there's no boss.

>> Train Cars
- Zero (Birdsoldier) and Eldar (Birdsoldier) find you and explain that the bridge ahead is destroyed.
- Zero goes to help the passengers and Eldar joins the Force.
- You automatically go into Battle 10.

BATTLE 10: The Train Engine | Index

- Save on the battlefield.
- Fight your way to the Train Engine.
- Try to get as many characters as possible up to level 7 by the end of this battle.
- Make sure to lead with a strong character when making the final assault.
-! Get the Large Mithril, which is at the front of the Train Engine.
- Kill Shiraf (Bandit Leader) last, as he's the boss.
- Zero sets out to find Medion after reporting that the people in the passenger car are safe.

~ Shinobi ~

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