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Aero Dancing ~featuring Blue Impulse / AeroWings :: Reviews
CRI (Japan)
Crave (USA)
Mar 4, 1999
Sep 9, 1999
Multi 1st/3rd
Backup 15+
Mission Stick
     > Dreamcast is making one dream after another come true for me.  One of the most difficult genres to make successfully is the Flight/Sim.  It's taken a long time for Aero Dancing/AeroWings (AW) to come home and it was worth the wait.  Many times I have dreamed about a game where you play the part of a precision demonstration pilot.  Now, thanks to CRI, Crave and Sega, AW is here.  There are no differences between the domestic and import versions other than the language.

     > This game has a lot to do so I'll just explain briefly.  First, it shows you step by step how to perform all the aerobatic maneuvers that Blue Impulse (a Japanese flight demonstration team) performs.  You are expected to learn and perform them.  Second, you can compete in a Pilot Wings type mode where you must fly through targets in a timely manner in order to earn enough points to advance.  Finally, you can just fly around and hone your skills in the Free Flight mode.  Oh, and there's an FMV demo of Buggy Heat (Japanese version) and Tokyo Xtreme Racer (US version).

     > [Japan Import] The game is a cinch to play, especially if you know the basics of flight.  All the menus, game screens and some voices are in English.  The briefings, which explain the maneuvers, are in Japanese and feature an animated presentation as well.  Overall, it's entirely playable and gets a high importability rating.

     > All the planes, scenery and backgrounds are constructed of beautifully detailed, smooth animating polygons which provides the 3D realism you'll experience.  The various locales include a Base, Sunset, Monument, Cloudy Sky, City, Island, Valley and Night City.  Each locale features 3D terrain as well.  Another great feature is the sense of speed, which is convincing at all altitudes.

     > The scenery throughout is a pleasure to see and includes mountains, beaches, bridges, buildings, runways and clouds.  Special effects abound in AW too.  You'll see lens flares, smoke trails, light reflections off cockpits, animated clouds, wing vortices, ocean waves, blackout, redout and raging waterfalls.

     > There are a ton of different views to enjoy which range from cockpit to formation to fly by.  The HUD has three modes: full, partial and off -- all of which can used with any view.  The various aircraft (at least 11) actually have cockpits and exterior markings which look like the real thing!  What can I say... There's nothing like climbing through the transparent cloud layers at supersonic speeds and watching the sun appear above the cloud deck!  AW is smooth, fast and gorgeous!

     > This is the most important part of a Flight/Sim and CRI has done a marvelous job.  Even though you have control over many aircraft functions, the game remains easy to control yet difficult to master.  And don't worry, the control is definitely slanted towards realism instead of arcade.  Here are the controls: flight stick, rudder, flaps, air/ground brakes, landing gear, view change, throttle and smoke toggle. 

     > You have complete freedom of flight and hitting objects does destroy your aircraft (unless you're training).  About the only thing that seemed off to me was the ease of which the redouts and blackouts occur.  Anyway, you'll be happy to know that the difficulty of the various aerobatic maneuvers is emulated nicely.  However, they're not as difficult as they are in real life (thank God).

     > Most of the music can be described as a combination of fast paced techno beat and orchestral melodies.  A couple of songs can become annoying because they're repetitive. But overall, the music is great.

     > The sound effects are decent.  Mainly, you'll hear screeching tires, jet engines, explosions, water splashing and gear retracting.  Voice and warning cues are included as well.  Could have been better though.

     > Amazing.  This game will never get old for me.  There are so many things to do and you have to earn the aircraft since there's only one available to begin with.  You get Replays, Save Replays, Briefing Videos, Training Mode, Blue Impulse Missions, Sky Missions, Multi Play and Free Flight!!!  A pilot's dream becomes reality.
Bottom Line
     > If you're into flight simulation, then look no further.  If you like to dog fight, then get Airforce Delta.  There is no shooting, just gorgeous graphics, realistic control and plenty to do, learn, and master.  If you've ever wondered how much talent it takes to become a Blue Angel or Thunderbird, then you'll experience some of what it takes with Aero Dancing/AeroWings.
Overall: 9.2 | Graphics: 9.0 | Control: 9.4 | Sound: 9.0 | Fun: 9.5
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