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Phantasy Star Series Phantasy Star Universe: Game Soundtrack
Label Publisher Code
SEGA Wave Master Ent. n/a
Discs Time Bar Code
1 CD 28:10 n/a
Origin Release MSRP
USA 10.22.2006 Free w/Pre-order
     > The Phantasy Star Universe Game Soundtrack is a bonus CD that was included with the a pre-order of the Xbox 360 version of Phantasy Star Universe.  It features a selection of 9 songs direct from the game.  It's nice to see Sega reward gamers with a promotion like this.
Review by Shinobi | 10.22.2006
     > Aside from tracks 1 and 9, the PSU Game Soundtrack differs from the Save This World CD.  While most of the Save This World CD is arranged, this disc features in-game renditions.  Personally, I prefer the game soundtrack to the original score, as the latter is "too blockbuster".  This is but a small taste of what's available in the sold out release of "For Brighter Day: Phantasy Star Universe Original Soundtrack", which is a 3-disc extravaganza straight out of the newest Sega masterpiece.  Either way it's more fantastic music that I'm sure we'll be enjoying for many years to come!

Bottom Line:
     > The PSU Game Soundtrack is a great complement to the previously reviewed Save This World CD.  It has music taken directly from the game.  To acquire this complementary CD, just preorder the game -- there's no reason a fan should go without enjoying the game's tunes.  A slightly lower score only reflects the fact this CD is much shorter than the original score.

Overall: 8.5

Track List (CD1) | 28:10
  1. Save This World - Orchestra Short Ver.
  2. Clyez City - Guardians Colony
  3. Holts City - Parum
  4. Ohtoku City - Neudiaz
  5. Dagora City - Moatoob
  6. Result 01
  7. Result 02
  8. G March - Long Version
  9. Save This World
Box Art / Cover Scans
Phantasy Star Universe Game Soundtrack | front case
Phantasy Star Universe Game Soundtrack | back case

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