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Phantasy Star Series Save This World: Phantasy Star Universe Original Score
Label Publisher Code
SEGA Wave Master Ent. WWCE-31125
Discs Time Bar Code
1 CD 54:39 4-571164-381251
Origin Release MSRP
Japan 09.13.2006 ¥2,571
     > The Phantasy Star Online OST set a new benchmark for RPG music in my book. Phantasy Star Universe is set to deliver a whole new level of online adventuring, action and cooperative play.  Of course, this will require an entirely new soundtrack, with a high standard to live up to.  The Japanese release of the PSU soundtrack is titled "Save This World: Phantasy Star Universe Original Score".  When Sega's newest epic adventure graces American consoles on October 24, some lucky buyers will receive a limited edition soundtrack as a bonus pack-in.  I applaud the US retailers that are supporting this promotion.
Review by Shinobi | 10.15.2006
     > For the most part, the PSU soundtrack sounds like it belongs in a Hollywood blockbuster movie.  One exception to that description is Track #9 "Save This World", which is easily my favorite song.  It's a classic Sonic Team theme with plenty of energy and flair.  I have to wonder, though, what happened to track #10 "For Brighter Day"?  The base of this tune is quite good, but they added a layer that makes you think it's from a "best of gospel choir album".  Hmmmm... too bad. 

     > Does this soundtrack match that of the original Phantasy Star Online?  No.  However, it is fresh and exciting at times, yet certainly not perfect.  I recommend it to fans of this series and RPG gamers in general.  Note: if you want the complete PSU Soundtrack you'll have to acquire the 3-CD For Brighter Day album.  May the light of hope shine upon you throughout your adventures!

Bottom Line:
     > Save This World is limited to 14 songs, which highlights the PSU experience.  At this point I would continue to rate all the PSO soundtracks in order of release, with PSU coming in at #4.  It's an excellent original score for what's sure to be an epic adventure in a whole new realm.  Any serious fan is sure to acquire this CD.  Who knows, there might even be a few newcomers to boot!

Overall: 8.5

Track List (CD1) | 54:39
  1. Save This World ~Orchestra Version~
  2. Guardians
  3. Parum
  4. Neudiaz
  5. Moatoob
  6. S.E.E.D
  7. Ancient Civilizations
  8. With You
  9. Save This World
  10. For Brighter Day
  11. For Brighter Day ~Orchestra Version~
  12. Overture
  13. For Brighter Day ~Remix~
  14. Save This World ~Orchestra Short Version~
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Save This World: PSU OS | front case
Save This World: PSU OS | back case

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